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1. Tom Kha Gai

Limes, chicken and mushrooms

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4,00 €
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1. Tom Kha Gai contains the following additives or allergens:

  • b: Fish and products thereof
  • d: Milk from mammals and products derived therefrom, including lactose
  • n: Molluscs (snails, mussels, squid, oysters) and products thereof

You can order 1. Tom Kha Gai at LeeSu in Kleinmachnow at the following times:

Mo: geschlossen
Di, Mi, Do, Fr, Sa: 11:00 - 21:30 Uhr
So: 15:00 - 21:30 Uhr
Feiertags: geschlossen

LeeSu liefert dir 1. Tom Kha Gai nach:

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ab 25,00 €:

Berlin Zehlendorf, Stahnsdorf

ab 27,00 €:

Dreilinden, Teltow

ab 30,00 €:

Berlin Zehlendorf, Güterfelde

ab 35,00 €:

Berlin Zehlendorf, Teltow ot Ruhlsdorf

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Berlin Lichterfelde, Sputendorf

ab 45,00 €:

Berlin Lichterfelde, Kienwerder

ab 50,00 €:

Berlin Dahlem

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14532 Kleinmachnow